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Hope and Relief for Patients with Emotional and Physical Pain

Amity Infusions and Therapeutics works closely with patients, administering ketamine therapy and alternative health solutions to help everyone along their wellness journey.

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Learn How Ketamine Is Helping Provide Rapid Relief

Living with mental health issues and chronic pain is exhausting. We all desperately want relief from this daily struggle. Each one of us deserves to find our lasting peace. The wait is over.

Ketamine Infusion Therapy

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Why Choose Amity Infusions and Therapeutics?

Our mission is to provide compassionate, personalized evidence-based care to develop the optimal therapeutic plan aimed at relieving emotional and physical pain, as well as promoting healing and improving well-being.

We realize that many patients have tried traditional medicines and therapies with limited or minimal improvement in their condition. With our breakthrough treatments and new modalities, we want to bring wellness to as many patients as possible.

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