NAD+ Therapy


NAD+ is a vital molecule required for a wide range of the body’s functions. Acting as a co-enzyme in the Krebs cycle of mitochondria, appropriate NAD+ levels are necessary for optimal health. This is because NAD+ is required for cells to produce ATP, the body’s mainstay form of energy.

NAD+ is also vital to the repair of DNA and protection of chromosomes and can enhance our immune system while also being a key part of the body’s neurotransmitter systems. Low levels of NAD+ are linked to conditions such as stroke, heart attack, fatigue, and even diabetes.

How Do I Receive NAD+?

The primary method of NAD+ delivery is an IV drip. This delivery method usually takes 2-4 hours and is highly effective. By administering NAD+ via an IV, our team can ensure that you receive your treatment safely, controlled, and optimally bioavailable.

You can also receive a subcutaneous injection of NAD+ in our clinic. This injection method is safe and highly effective, given a dosage tailored to you. This method is great for those that cannot sit for a lengthy infusion and will receive your injection in as little as a 15-minute appointment.

How Does NAD+ Work?

NAD+ works as a shuttle for transporting electrons throughout the body to carry out multiple reactions and processes vital to the survival of our bodies. When it interacts with a similar molecule, NADH, the reaction produces energy in our cells. Basically, without NAD+, we would not have enough energy to survive.

There are three processes by which our bodies make NAD+:

The Kynurenine (de novo) Pathway involves converting tryptophan (yes, the one associated with turkey) into NAD+ in the aqueous parts of cells (cytosol).

The Preiss-Handler Pathway involves the nicotinic acid found in food or dietary supplements. Nicotinic acid is a precursor molecule produced by bacteria in the intestines and saliva. It converts to NAD+ in three steps involving various nicotinic enzymes.

The Salvage Pathway uses a naturally occurring compound related to vitamin B3. Nicotinamide, nicotinic acid, nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN), and nicotinamide riboside (NR) are converted to NAD+ using various enzymes.

What are the Benefits of NAD+?

NAD+ research is discovering many health and aging-reversal factors that can benefit humans looking to slow down the aging process and maintain or improve their health.

Here are some of the benefits patients have reported after NAD+ therapy:

  • Reversal and protection against aging
  • Protecting and repairing DNA
  • Improving neurodegenerative diseases
  • Regulating one’s sleep cycle
  • Increasing cellular communication
  • Improving focus and memory
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Reversing insulin resistance
  • Improving metabolism

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